Currently the pack is beyond his existential function, studies prove to be the most valuable asset of the mark in terms of customer relationships, and it is this experience that enables us to attract and get new customers. We are faced with thousands of brands in supermarkets, research showed that consumers can take two seconds to make his decision in choosing between one product and another. However we may ask, how to attract their attention and convince him the best choice? We can proudly say that design is one of the determining factors for this act of decision.

How the packaging may influence the purchase decision?

• Attracting the attention of the consumer with striking images
• Making believe that the product is better than other
• Providing simplified information and relevant
• Dealing with his emotional


[TRADUÇÃO] Nosso processo é composto por 5 fases distintas. Adotar uma metodologia apropriada nos garante que o método empregado possa atingir os resultados esperados, a compreender o esforço aplicado em cada operação, reduzir o tempo e minimizar gastos desnecessários.




• Label Design
• Private Labeling
• Research on consumer
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Architecture
• Shaping
• Mock-ups physical and digital