The Internet is a part of our lives, people are conditioned to take advantage of this feature in a positive way, we save time and resources. How many of us before we decide something is not searched on the internet about this subject? The competitive advantage and business opportunities are numerous, do us a request and we will be happy to provide the services.

Optimizing the search (SEO)

Make your site appear at the outset when a term related to the desired subject is researched offers great business opportunities, generating media spontaneous release. Our sites are optimized for search engines of search sites (Google, Yahoo, etc.). find them with ease and increase your ranking in the results visualization.

Content Management System (CMS)

Your site needs to be efficient, updates are constant in any business, marketing strategies are renewed, products and services need to be updated, its relationship with the client is now another. All these changes imply the need to update the contents and keep it updated, giving customers new reasons to return to the site. This method allows to easily add, change, delete and update content. Our CMS technology will allow you to do all this without having to pay monthly fees toward a professional web.


1. First stage

• Definition of all content (when hired)
• Formal approval.

2. Second stage

• Presentation of the ideas discussed in the briefing (Layout).
• Adjustments required.
• Formal approval.

3. Third stage

• Schedule of approved layout.
• Presentation for testing in a web environment.
• Adjustments may be necessary.

4. Delivery of Job


1. Much cheaper and more flexible than print advertising.

The Internet offers certain advantages over print advertising, their propaganda is exposed for much longer, its contents can be changed at any moment (when the site has a content management) without a professional and still manages to achieve a variety of much larger audience.

2. Possibility of market expansion.

The Internet has enabled companies to break ties virtually geographical barriers, thus the possibility of increasing the number of customers has become a growth opportunity for any business.

3. New sources of revenue.

A web site is not only a way to represent your company, is a type of media where anyone can extract information. You can use this space to sell advertising to other companies.

4. Convenience.

It's much more convenient for a person searching for a product or service on the Internet than taking your car, drive to a shopping center without a guarantee that you will find what you want.

5. Adding values .

Just the fact that offer convenience, it is an important contributing factor to increasing levels of consumer satisfaction. We also communicate values and beliefs adopted by the organization cementing her image from competitors.

6. Free Market Research.

You can use search features such as online polls to find out what your customers like best, or on certain aspects of its business that may contribute to improve their sales and customer satisfaction.

7. Growth opportunity.

A website offers great opportunities to refer to potential investors, showing them what your doing, what she has achieved and what it can be in the future.



Solutions WEB

• Definition of content
• Hotsite
• Email Marketing
• Web banner
• E-commerce
• Institutional Websites
• Blog